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Business Law
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Today’s business world requires thoughtful planning. Understanding your business’ legal liability, tax obligations and insurance costs can strengthen your position in the marketplace while safeguarding your bottom line. It pays to have a knowledgeable business law attorney represent your business.

The role of the business law attorney should be to safeguard your business’ interests, whether by facilitating the business process, protecting shareholders from personal liabilities or ensuring that the contract terms are clear. Our contract lawyer is on standby to help with all these.

At Steven Kay & Associates, our small business lawyer understands that the goal of every business is to be successful. To this end, our small business lawyer offers cost effective legal services to start-ups as well as established enterprises. The litigation attorney has extensive knowledge in technology and intellectual property law without losing grip on the traditional business values. Our business law attorney will represent you in various aspects of business law including: business formation, liens, commercial contracts and business litigation.

Business organizations
Our small business lawyer believes that small, as well as startup, businesses deserve the same caliber of legal representation that is available for multinational corporations. This is why we are focused on providing tailored legal services to small businesses throughout the country. Our contract lawyer is ready to help you start a new business or modify and existing one, whether preparing Articles of Organization for a limited liability business or Articles of Incorporation for corporations.

Commercial litigation
Even the most elaborate and strategic business planning can never safeguard your business from all disputes. When disputes erupt, visit our law firm. Our litigation attorney will provide skilled legal representation for any type of business litigation.
Get started on the right footing. Contact our contract lawyer today.
Having the right information is important when starting a new business or considering a business contract. Our litigation attorney have the right resources and knowledge to protect your business’ and personal interests and help avoid potential problems in the future.
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