Immigration Law

Immigration Law
in Fayetteville, AR

The right immigration lawyer can make all the difference to your case. On the other hand, a bad immigration attorney can overcharge you, fail to deliver on promised services and ruin your case in a way that you might never realize your dream of coming to America. Whether you are trying to avoid deportation, file a petition for green card application, or are seeking some immigration benefit, a competent and knowledgeable immigration attorney at Steven Kay & Associates are here to help you.

Dedication to our clients.
Would you trust your doctor with your tax returns, or your neighbor with your heart valve? Possibly not. For the same reasons, you want to entrust only a competent immigration lawyer with your immigration matters. Our immigration attorneys understand the complexity of this area of law and are dedicated to helping you get the most favorable outcome for your case.

Impeccable reputation.

Our reputation is second to none. All our immigration lawyers are listed as members of the state’s bar association as well as the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association. Whether you are processing green card application or work visa, you can be rest assured that the immigration attorney you will work with is qualified and certified to take you through the process.

Realistic promises.

We never promise what we cannot deliver. Green card application, like most other immigration cases are very complex. Whatever your immigration case is, truth is its outcome entirely depends on the Department of Homeland Defense, the immigration judge or the USCIS. However, our immigration lawyer attached to your case will do everything possible within their power to help you get a favorable outcome.
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